Our research scientists have published in many scientific journals and presented at scientific conferences as described below:

Goldmann tonometry tear-film error and partial correction with a shaped applanation surface

McCafferty S, Enikov E, Schwiegerling J, Ashley S. Accepted for publication in Clinic Ophthalmology 4 January 2018 Volume 2018:12; 71-78

Goldmann Tonometer Error Correcting Prism: Clinical Evaluation

McCafferty S, Lim G, Duncan W, Enikov E, Schwiegerling J. Clinical Ophthalmology 2017 11:835-40.

Goldmann and Error Correcting Tonometry Prisms Compared to Intracameral Pressure

McCafferty S, Levine J, Schwiegerling J, Enikov E. Accepted for publication in BMC Ophthalmology. Published 1/4/2018

Goldmann applanation tonometry error relative to true intracameral Intraocular pressure in vitro and in vivo

McCafferty S, Levine J, Schwiegerling J, Enikov E. BMC Ophthalmology 2017 17:215

Goldmann Tonometer Prism with an Optimized Error Correcting Applanation Surface

McCafferty S, Lim G, Duncan W, Enikov E, Schwiegerling J. Translational Vision Science & Technology 2016; Vol. 5: pages 1-5.

Variable Hyper-Focal IOL Design to Aid Macular Degeneration Patients

Sean J. McCaffery. Paper presented ASCRS April 21, 2015

Laser thermal load induces characteristic changes in the corneal surface including asphericity

Sean J. McCafferty, Jim T. Schwiegerling. Arizona Eye Consultants, Tucson, AZ. ARVO annual meeting May 7, 2013

Thermal load from a CO2 laser radiant energy source induces changes in corneal surface asphericity, roughness

S.J. McCafferty, J.T. Schwiegerling, E.T. Enikov. IOVS June 2012 53:4279-4288

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Corneal Surface Asphericity, Roughness, and Transverse Contraction after Uniform Scanning Excimer Laser Ablation

S.J. McCafferty, J.T. Schwiegerling, E.T. Enikov. IOVS March 2012 53:1296-1305